For the past few weeks it’s felt like I’m fighting my body. Nothing feels easy right now. Working out is causing knee pain. I fell which caused back and neck pain. Eating feels harder than it ever has. I’m gaining weight and not making smart choices. It’s hella frustrating!

I don’t feel like I’m in my body. Everything feels out of alignment. What do you do when you know what to do but it feels like you’re fighting too hard?

Go back to basics.

I know that grains don’t feel good in my body and when I think about it I’ve been having WAY to much of them lately.

I know that dairy really bothers my gut and it’s been almost a daily occurrence.

I know that when I want to have a higher carb day that potato, cassava, and white rice are good choices for me.

I’ve sat with why I’ve allowed these things to sneak back and I ultimately think it’s because I was feeling so good that a bite here and a bite there can’t hurt. But that adds up! I’ve become way more lax about what I eat.

My wrist has been so sore for weeks and that’s a sign I’ve ignored. I struggled for years with tendinitis and it only became manageable when I cut out grains 9 years ago. I can always tell when I’ve eaten too much grain as my wrists ache. So yeah, I’ve basically ignored my body yelling at me.

I’m not perfect. I may have been living this paleo low carb life for 9 years but I’m still human and I still love kit kats. This is just the ebb and flow of life. We go through periods of everything feeling in alignment. Then we’ll have times when nothing feels right. So you step back and get honest with yourself. Examine how you’ve been treating yourself and why. I can often go so long without grains that I forget how I feel when I consume them. Then I’ll eat them and find my body practically yelling at me to stop and I’m all ‘geez wrist, what the hell’.

This doesn’t mean restriction but choices. I’m avoiding all grains and dairy for a while. Inflammation feels rampant in my body and I need to help it. Lots of turmeric lattes, probiotics, and digestive enzymes. I’ll definitely keep treats (because you gotta live life yo!) but will put more thought into what I’m choosing.

Don’t beat yourself up if your nutrition has been off. That’s just sometimes how life flows. What’s important is being able to look at your choices, realize you perhaps didn’t make smart choices, and ask yourself why. Then move forward. Let it go. (Hah is that stuck in your head now?!!). Do the things that you know make you feel good 💜✌🏼

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