Sacral Chakra

Do you ever wonder what the weight of your emotions feels like? Not just feeling the emotions but actually connecting with the burden of them.

I recently had a super cool experience during meditation. I’ve had some guilt coming up regarding a situation that happened last year. During a Chakra cleanse meditation I got to my Sacral chakra. The lady guiding the meditation explained that guilt can block this chakra. This person immediately pops into my mind and very quickly it was like someone had poured cement onto me.

I couldn’t move (I’m sure I could have but the feeling was that I couldn’t). I felt weighed down by this guilt. Unable to free myself. That voice in my head was saying ‘this is what your guilt would feel like if it was physical. This is how much it has been weighing you down. You literally cannot move if you don’t let it go’.

Wow. As I continued to meditate the feeling slowly started to pass.

It made me realize how much our emotions can weigh us down without us realizing it.

And this is why meditation is the key to truly connecting with yourself. Getting quiet and paying attention to your thoughts completely free from any distractions is how you can see where you are holding yourself back 💜

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