When doubt creeps in..

How do you feel when you stand fully naked and look at yourself? Do you even do that?

I do it often. I actually really appreciate my body and all she does for me. Even on days where perhaps I don’t look my best I can still look at myself with love.

I’ve recently had an experience that made me doubt. I can feel my mindset shift into restrictive. I’m hyper aware of how my body looks and may be perceived by others which in turn makes me want to fast longer and eat less carb.

The beautiful thing about this is that I quickly noticed it. I was aware of what I was doing. I allowed myself grace to just be. I let my brain do what it wanted to do – which was plan how I was going to stay strict and not treat myself until I looked a certain way. I just allowed.

Then I moved my body. I pushed my body up into wheel pose. I am strong. I am flexible. I am perfect exactly how I am. And I released those negative thoughts. I know that my fear of judgment from other people is really just my own judgement. Learning to not judge ourselves is really the process of learning to love yourself.

The process of working on your mindset and negative self talk isn’t about stopping your thoughts. Yes, at times we aren’t in a place to deal with those thoughts and it’s important to just switch tracks and pick a new thought. Ultimately though we will have to deal. Allowing the thoughts to happen and then doing something that makes you feel whole, loved, strong, or whatever it is that you want to feel, is how you start shifting.

It also takes practice! You may not even realize how you talk to yourself! Showing up for yourself every day and making choices to nourish yourself on a mind, body, and soul level will help you connect to yourself. Connection is what we need. Connection with your mind and body allows you to witness what’s really going on, and therefore change the direction.

Next time you catch the negative thoughts can you just witness them and then do something loving?

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