Choose courage over comfort.

Brené Brown 😍 Am I right or what?

I watched her Netflix special at the exact time I needed to. I had just stood up for myself in a big way and comfort was out the window as I cried desperately for it to come back.

She said something that really stuck out to me “difficult conversations, we can’t have them. We end up talking about people instead of to them”.

Wow right? How many times have we all chosen to talk about someone instead of to them? (Raises hand).

This is actually something I’ve been working on for years. I recognize it in myself, I don’t like it, and I try to catch myself. But the Universe presents me with situations where I can choose comfort or courage. I can choose to talk about or talk to.

I find myself choosing courage more and more. Along with that comes major discomfort. Guilt for my choice of courage causing other people discomfort. Vulnerability in showing up as my authentic self and being honest – it feels like you’re naked and exposed. And then there is the very dramatic fear that I may have to actually continue living life doing this courage over comfort bullshit and continue to feel all those things 😂

Along with all those feelings there is this feeling of elation. That you’re doing the thing that you know is best for you yet you’ve never been able to do it. And there’s a joy is being unapologetically yourself. In setting boundaries around how people can treat you. Along with this comes the realization that it works both ways and there will be a time when someone shows up to me upset about something I said or did. Good. I honour their courage and appreciate their insight.

I have a friend who pulls from a deck of yoga cards daily. During the midst of this I asked her one day what the card had been. “Every challenge you experience in life invites you to evolve & grow as a person”. Wow. That hit me hard!

Can we choose courage over comfort more, to have those difficult conversations, and to view it as a way of evolving and growing? The more that we show up to have those difficult conversations, to unapologetically be ourselves, and to sit in discomfort, the more those around us will choose the same. The more people will come to you knowing you can handle the difficult shit in life.

Isn’t the whole reason we are here to be the best version of ourselves? There’s no way to accomplish that by staying small and choosing comfort over courage. I want to be the best version of myself. I want to lead with love and kindness, I want to talk to people and not about them, I want to be that person that shows up without fear or apologies for who she is. I want to grow and evolve.

I lean into discomfort 💜✌🏼

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