The measure of success

What does success mean to you?

If we look around at others and judge ourselves by what we see of them we can really view ourselves as a failure.

I watched an episode of Queer Eye where the guy said he felt like a failure when he compared himself to his siblings. He just ran a bar/social club and they had gone on to have families and careers. It broke my heart! We could see a man who had taken care of family and created an environment to welcome people and make them happy. Unfortunately society doesn’t put value on that.

I think one of the biggest battles is doing what’s expected. Go to school, go to University, get married, get a career, have kids, live happily ever after. We all know that it often doesn’t play out like that!

I work in a Pharmasave. It’s not some big high end career at all. It’s not what I went to school for. I was with Jason for a looooong time before we got married, and I chose to not have my own kids (I have a stepdaughter 💜).

But, I am well aware of what my successes are. I am a people person. People are drawn to me and feel comfortable in my presence and this allows them to feel comfortable talking to me. I have customers talking to me about their panic attacks and staff talking to me about their struggles or how to love themselves. My job may not look successful to some from the outside but I truly believe my impact is huge and that is success to me. In the way that I hope this blog helps you on some level, I show up daily trying to be my best self and help others do the same.

Where are your successes? They can be big or small. Maybe you’ve looked at your nutrition and you’re making small changes – that’s success! Perhaps you’ve made a big life change to follow a dream – that’s success. Maybe you’re staying in a job that feels really good to you right now and you feel fulfilled (at an age where everyone asks about University) – that is success!

We cannot compare ourselves to other people’s measure of success. Take some time to explore what’s important to you. What are the things that fill you up, light you up, and make you feel good? Do more of those things! To me, that is what success is.

If we had more people shunning traditional expectations and doing what nourished their mind, body, and soul, we’d have a much happier planet 💜✌🏼

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