Carrying awareness through the day.

When you start a journey of healing, growth, and love it often times involves sitting on a meditation cushion every morning. Starting the day with a routine that allows you to connect to yourself.

I was recently reading my coach’s book and she mentioned at one point in her journey that her self care had been consistent but not throughout the day. I realized that I’m often the same. I’ll go through my morning routine but then switch into autopilot. It’s almost like I’m just checking it off a list and so I don’t have to think about it anymore.

These past couple of weeks I’ve made an effort during the day to be more present and connected to myself. Taking moments during the day that are self care.

One of my favourite things to do is to get a good almond milk latte. It feels like heaven in a cup 💜

Getting outside on my break. This gives me a physical and mental break from work.

And most importantly, not engaging when it’s not in alignment. This for me, is the most challenging.

Carrying awareness through your day is really what this comes down to. Does the conversation feel good or does it feel like gossip? Will that snack actually nourish me or am I just bored or numbing? Do I need a few minutes break to give my eyes/mind a break?

These little things add up to being more connected to yourself and making choices from a grounded place 💜

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