The balance of mind, body, and soul.

August was an interesting month for me. There was a lot of internal work. Situations arose that gave me the choice of continuing to run or face it. I chose to face it. This meant there were many moments where I was hella uncomfortable, anxiety ridden, and pretty emotional. How I show up in relationships was examined along with setting boundaries. I was honest about how I felt about things and started to examine if I wanted to do something (as opposed to saying yes just because).

There was a moment I found myself brought to tears, lay on the floor with my legs up the wall, trying to calm down over a situation that was unexpected. In this moment I previously would have hid out of shame. Kept it together until I could fall apart alone. Instead, I decided to show Jason how I was feeling. Then, the next morning I shared it with a friend. As Brene Brown says, shame cannot survive being spoken. The moment I shared I felt better. It was so uncomfortable having to share but it stops the build up of shame which can feel very heavy. I chose to unburden myself of that weight even though it meant showing up and being uncomfortable and embarrassed.

August was all about soul, inner work, and spirituality.

As we head into September I can see how my focus is shifting. August my nutrition wasn’t the best. That’s totally ok! I was probably 70% paleo/low carb. That pretty fantastic. With September I’m aiming for my usual 80-90%. I’m focusing on massage therapy, acupuncture, and physiotherapist. I’ll be more prepared with meals and eat what feels good in my body. September is all about my body. This doesn’t mean I won’t show up daily on my meditation cushion or continue the inner work. Just that more energy is going to how my body feels and what it needs to feel nourished and balanced.

Balancing mind, body, and soul doesn’t have to mean that all three get equal attention all the time. At times you’ll need to be more focused on your mind and what you’re giving it (maybe a social media detox, or a big focus on school or personal development). Other times you’ll need that focus on body or soul.

This applies to all areas of our lives. Relationships, activities, work, and play. All of them will require more or less focus depending on what’s happening in our lives.

What do you feel you need in September? Is there an area you need to be more focused?

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