Don’t let your beliefs get in the way.

Being stuck to anything dogmatically will hold you back. Your beliefs around anything can and will change. When we get so tied to an idea that we can’t change that’s when we know our growth is stagnant. This goes for any way of eating including keto and fasting! (I’ve yet to see a time where paleo isn’t a good option).

As my hormones are rebalancing I’ve noticed weight gain, acne, bloat, headaches, short periods, food cravings. Fun right? It hasn’t been that bad and it’s been gradual. (I feel like my husband could throw in moody to the mix😂). I kept believing all I had to do was keto harder and fast longer. But that did not feel good. I’ve always held the belief that eating doesn’t need to be total restriction or deprivation. Yes, it’s important to be eating healthy (which to me means paleo low carb) most of the time, but there has to be room for that glass of wine, or chips, or potatoes with brunch. There may be times when you need to be more focused (if you’re entering ketosis for the first time you do need a few strict weeks to adapt), but generally life shouldn’t be about counting macros and saying no. There should be a feeling of freedom that comes with food.

I listened to some podcasts from my favourite RD’s and Dr’s. What were they suggesting for hormone balancing? Dial it way back on the fasting, eliminate all dairy, and chill the f out 😂 (Ok, they may not have said that but stress doesn’t help)

These past few weeks have been all about eating more and assessing how things feel in my body. I’ve been strict with grains and dairy but more lax with potato. Some days I was probably in ketosis and some days not. And you know what? It doesn’t matter one iota.

Just because in the past I’ve been able to fast for 18+ hours a day doesn’t mean it’s what my body requires right now. Eating 3 meals in a 12 window (some days more like 10-11 hours. I found it rather challenging to have a 12 hour eating window!) felt really good in my body.

This goes for all areas of our lives. If we only continue to do what we’ve always done we’ll never see growth and change. I believe my body will tell me when something is right or wrong. The gut instinct is very strong for me. Wether it’s food or any other decision in my life I find tapping into my body gives me a pretty clear answer.

After being really strict with dairy for two weeks I started adding some cream back (because what is coffee without cream? I do not want any part in that nonsense!). My body is tolerating it fine, so far. Always ready to modify and change as need be.

In case you’re wondering if I went to see my dr regarding this imbalance – I did. He was a total punk. Told me no where does hormone testing (total lie). Said I have a ‘touch of PCOS’ (I don’t. Also hormone testing is one way to diagnose this). Asked why I even went off birth control (because I damn well wanted and I don’t need to give anyone a reason). Suggested I go back on birth control and said he could give me an RX for high testosterone (wouldn’t it need to be tested to know it was high?!).

Needless to say I walked out deflated but determined. For now, I’m supporting my body with very nutritious meals (here’s looking at you liver 😉) and eating more! There are other opinions I can explore if I feel the need (Babylon online dr and Naturopath)

It just shows me how much we need to be an advocate for ourselves and do our own research!

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