Power of stopping.

I recently had to complete an assignment for Primal Health Coach Training that involved getting together via video chat and coaching other students in the program. I desperately didn’t want to do the assignment. It’s one thing coaching people who haven’t been given the same material as you, but coaching peers feels like a whole other ball game. They would know if I completely suck πŸ˜‚

Ultimately, that’s the point of the assignment. Figure out your coaching style, put the knowledge into action, and get some feedback! I was honest right out the gate – I told the guys I was nervous and they both felt the same. Clearing the air like that helped.

Here’s what I didn’t expect – having 10 minutes with another coach would be so helpful!

It was recommended that we bring a real issue to the assignment so that it’s a more genuine experience for everyone.

I’ve been struggling lately with my knees and exercise. I took a break from exercising to help my knees, I’m seeing a physiotherapist, and trying to exercise within my limitations. But, in all honesty my motivation is zapped. I don’t want to workout. It’s so much modifying and any desire to do it has gone. I’ve been doing the things my physio suggested but only because I’m scared he’ll get mad at me if I don’t πŸ˜‚

When it was my turn to be the client this is the struggle I talked about. My fellow coach said a lot of things that were really helpful but this jumped out ‘the power in stopping’.

Sometimes the power is in stopping and being an observer in our own lives. We tend to think that we always have to do more to grow – a stricter diet, more exercise, more reading, more learning. But, sometimes the power is in stopping and listening to your body – letting it tell you what it already knows it needs.

He also suggested I try to reframe this struggle as a tool for giving my body what it wants. I’m already listening to my body but doing so with judgement. Which hit me with the realization that I’ve been judging myself hard. How am I supposed to coach people to exercise when I’m barely doing so myself?

That’s kinda the point of coaching – sharing your struggles, how you work through it, and then helping others. There is no doubt that I’ll end up working with clients who struggle with exercise motivation and I’ll have the tools to help them.

Every challenge is a growth opportunity. A chance to learn more and grow.

Where are the challenges in your life that you can reframe? Where can you just stop and observe?

This simple change in thoughts has actually allowed me to create some motivation. I’ve created two workout plans that incorporate the things the physio suggested and a couple of my own things to create a short but well rounded workout that doesn’t affect my knees.

This is the power of working with a coach. Even 10 minutes can be a game changer πŸ™ŒπŸ»

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