Follow what lights you up.

From the outside looking in I imagine it looks easy. I just show up and share my food, mindset or spirituality stuff, and perhaps a blog post. The thought behind my blogs comes across and the feedback is people like what I have to say.

In the past couple of weeks I’ve had 3 separate people tell me how great I am at what I do. One was a client and the other were friends I was helping. They all told me I had helped them in ways they hadn’t expected. I initially brushed it off. Who am I to be helping people? I don’t know much. There are way more experienced people out there! I had to really check myself.

There is years of work behind the scenes. I’ve been on this journey of self love, awareness, and coaching for about 4 years. It’s evolved and changed over the years but the intention – be the best version of myself – has always been at the core

The amount of time learning has been, and continues to be, massive. Courses, podcasts, blogs, coaching calls, group coaching sessions, and (mostly importantly) my meditation practice. It’s a daily commitment. Peeling back the layers and not being afraid of what I found. There were times I was meditating several times a day and journaling pages. There’s been times I’ve meditated for 5 minutes. But every day I showed up to learn and coach myself first. I was my first client. And I’m still constantly working on myself.

So, what the hell is my point? Do the thing. Do whatever it is that lights you up. I’ve been on this journey for 4 years and running Bacon & Balance for a year and a half and I’m just now at the point where I can see my coaching practice. For the first while I didn’t think I wanted to coach people. I just wanted to share what lights me up – it was fun. As I got more serious and faced those fears (with the help of a coach) I could see the big goal but not how to get there. I can hold that vision now of how I want coach. I didn’t need to know all the steps – just one step at a time. There were many days I wanted to just say screw it. I can’t be bothered. But it’s those little daily habits that are really easy NOT to do that create momentum.

It’s showing up daily and doing what you love and following what lights you up regardless of whether it makes sense or not. It doesn’t need to make sense, you just need to love it 💜

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