Good Food review!

I was recently gifted a free Good Food box. They are a meal planning delivery company. Each week you get to pick the meals you want and all the things you need get delivered. I was gifted two free meals – I paid to add a third meal just because I felt like it would give me a good feel for the meals and sizes.

The cost for 3 meals would have been around $120. Each meal was enough for 2 people for 4 servings. Of course that’s entirely dependent on how much you can eat 😜

So! I had the box delivered to work on a Tuesday. I would have preferred to have it delivered to my home on my day off (Monday) but it wasn’t an option. Bussing home with that box wasn’t something I looked forward to – luckily I was able to grab a ride home with my sister!

Everything came packed separately. A bag for each meal:

The box was insulated and had ice packs. The meat stay cold all day (it recommends you put it in the fridge right away – I ignored that advice).

I appreciate how organized it was!

I whipped up two meals right away. The ground beef skillet and pork coconut curry.

Pork Coconut Curry with Kaffir Lime.

This was divine! I absolutely loved this. It was really easy to make, involved one pot, and tasted so good. My only problem with this meal was the amount it cooked. Now, it came with rice that I didn’t cook since I don’t regularly eat grains. If it had been paired with rice I think 4 servings would have been ideal. I managed to stretch this over 3 meals and it wasn’t quite enough. Next time I’d just add more veggies and a bit more meat (I also think I’d prefer chicken over pork). But ultimately this was a winner!!

Ground beef skillet.

So this is really shepherds pie in a cast iron. It was faster than a regular shepherds pie because you don’t bake the whole thing – just broil it for a few minutes. It included cauliflower and potato for the topping which lowered the carb count – big yay from me! Tasted pretty decent. I’ve made many a shepherds pie that I love so I was definitely comparing. I would make this again with more ground beef, red wine, and spices. I love how easy it was in the cast iron! Servings were ok but I’d add more ground beef.

Balsamic chicken with roasted veggies and salad.

So I didn’t make the spinach salad. I didn’t feel like it so I sautéed the spinach with mushrooms instead. This was ok. I wanted more balsamic to infuse more flavour – perhaps a balsamic glaze to finish it off? It’s a recipe that I’ll take and tweak a bit!

Overall the food was good. For me, it wouldn’t be worth it. I have the time to shop and cook and, most importantly, I enjoy it. If you have kids, hate meal planning, or are just really busy then this definitely has its place! It was cool to get new recipes and methods for cooking that I hadn’t thought of. I like that the website has plans to cater to different styles of eating (low carb, vegetarian).

There is a lot of packaging involved. It would be cool if you could select certain ingredients that you don’t need. We got little containers of mayo and balsamic that I didn’t need. Maybe this is an option that I missed!

We needed bigger servings mostly because we both eat two meals a day (typically) so our meals tend to be larger. That is unique to us and not a reflection on the amount of food Good Food supplied.

What I genuinely love about this is that it’s getting people eating real food. Anytime we give our bodies real food instead of packaged and processed food it’s a good choice. So, if you’re struggling to eat healthy because cooking isn’t your forte and the insane amount of recipes online is overwhelming then this can help. It’s definitely a great option!

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