Surviving Vs Thriving

Our bodies are pretty damn capable of surviving whatever we throw at them.

We can eat shitty food, stay up too late, over caffeinate ourselves, drink too much alcohol, and not exercise and we’ll generally be ok.

We may feel sleep deprived, sluggish, and not our best a lot of the time but we’re surviving. Nothing major is wrong.

But we have the ability to thrive.

We show our bodies a little love and it will thrive.

When we choose real foods the majority of the time we are giving our bodies the macro and micro nutrients it needs to thrive.

When we go to bed at an early hour we are giving it the down time it needs to rest and repair.

When we move our body we are keeping muscles, organs, and joints healthy (use it or lose it!).

When you follow those simple principles most of the time you are setting yourself up for success when the tough times hit.

Your body will be able to deal with stress so much better when you’re already taking care of it. Perhaps you got the dreadful cold that’s making the rounds – taking care of your body will allow it to deal with that cold in a much more timely manner.

Christmas time adds a lot more stuff to everyone’s plate. Work, shopping, time with friends/family, excess of food and alcohol, and financial stress. If you’ve been treating your body like shit you will hear about it. I see people struggling with the weight of the season and I know a little love can go a long way.

I often ask myself this time of year ‘is this the most nourishing choice?’. This can be in regards to food, plans, gifts, whatever. Is this a choice that is good for me.

My weekend (a couple days ago) was the most wonderful weekend ever. I lined up ahead of time all the things I knew I needed to give my body, mind, and soul love.

I had two coaching calls, 3 yoga classes, massage appointment, meditation, baths, delicious and healthy food, and some not so healthy food. But all made with the intention of caring for myself. This week at work is insanely busy and I could not be more grateful for the time and awareness to plan a weekend like that.

I want to thrive.

So my question to you is:

Do you want to survive or do you want to thrive?

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