We don’t need a new you…

It might be a new year but that doesn’t mean we need a new you. I hate that message. It implies there is something wrong with the current you. This is a major problem in our society. Let’s tell people they are broken and sell them the cure for it.

New year, new you – use this shake to lose weight and live your best life.

New year, new you – this workout is going to make you better.

New Year, new you – follow this meal plan to lose weight.

No workout, meal plan, or shake is going to change your life. You need to dig deeper into the behaviours that have you making the choices that don’t align with you. If you want to workout regularly but can’t find the motivation consistently then you need to explore why. If you want to eat healthy but continue to make less than healthy choices you need to explore why.

A lot of this comes down to self worth and love. There can be the belief that we aren’t worth the time it takes to workout (especially if that means time away from our families which can make us feel guilty). Or that our nutrition choices don’t have anything to do with our self worth so it doesn’t matter (spoiler: it has a lot to do with our self worth and it does matter).

Believing that you need a new you is basically telling yourself that you currently aren’t good enough or worth it. Only the new you is worth sticking to a workout out and meal prepping. That kind of implied negative self talk has an impact. You can’t make lasting change from a place of hate or shame. When these new year resolutions don’t stick we fall back into our old habits (because we never explored why we have those habits) and then next new year it starts all over again.

We don’t need a new you. We need a you that understands you are currently exactly where you are supposed to be. We need a you that understands that you can’t shame yourself into a new version nor should you want to. We need the you that looks at the past as experiences that shaped you into who you are today. We need the you that loves her current self so much she wants to make self honouring choices.

Instead of New Year New You, what about New Year now I’m gonna love the shit outta myself however that feels right to me.

Yeah, I think that rolls off the tongue quite nicely 😏

P.S you can start loving yourself and digging into why you make the choices you make at any point in the year. Starting something new isn’t just reserved for Monday’s or the new year, you can actually start it any damn day you choose 💜✌🏼

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