Acknowledging ourselves.

I think sometimes we downplay progress. We’ll make one little choice and won’t think it’s a big deal so don’t acknowledge ourselves for it.

It’s been coming up for me recently with the people I’m talking to. Whether it’s something as simple as choosing a slightly healthier snack, or showing up more present for a conversation with a partner. Or something huge like setting clear boundaries with a family member.

Then I saw it reflected in my own life. I’ve talked before about struggling with motivation to work out. Recently I hit 6 days in a row of wanting to move my body. Yoga, strength, and walks. As I rolled out of bed one morning it hit me that I had been consistent daily and was looking forward to yoga – it no longer felt like something I should just do. I took a moment to acknowledge and praise myself. I felt really good about how I had been showing up daily to take care of my body.

When we don’t acknowledge the self honouring choices or the progress we’ve made we can get lost in the big picture. We can be on step 5 of our journey, staring up at step 10, and not see the 4 steps behind us we’ve climbed. (Although is our journey ever actually over? There are always ways to be striving and growing!)

This can lead to the feeling of not making progress on our journey.

I could choose to not care about my progress because ultimately I’ve worked out consistently for 5 years. This slump I’ve been going thru hit my ego hard. The fact that I’m looking forward to moving my body daily isn’t really news. Except it’s still progress forward. I may have gone back a couple steps but those steps forward still count! I also honour myself for listening to my body and slowing down. Pushing through pain is not loving or a healthy choice. I chose to see that both those things as progress and acknowledge myself for that.

Where can you acknowledge yourself today? It can be as little as I used one less sugar in my coffee or as big as noticing your trigger and not reacting! It is all progress and worthy of your own praise 🙏🏻

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