Follow what lights you up.

Follow what lights you up.

Something I’ve said for years. It doesn’t matter what the end goal is – you don’t need to know. But if it lights you up and feels good follow it.

I think we spend far too much time considering the outcome of things. What’s the end goal? What will I get out of this? Is this investment worth what I’ll get out of it? As adults we can easily lose the idea of play under the weight of responsibilities. It’s ok to want to pursue something just because you enjoy that thing.

It’s what really pushed me to do Primal Health Coach training. I knew I wanted to help/reach people but didn’t really know what that looked like for me. That fear of the unknown or what I would do with that certification held me back. Once I realized that the first step was just signing up without knowing the end goal it allowed me to move forward. There are still a lot of unknowns for me even though I finished that training 8 months ago! And you know what? That’s totally fine.

Follow what lights you up goes hand in hand with being open to anything. Any opportunity. Say yes to anything that feels right even though it’s scary.

I’ve been a lover of yoga for a long time. I hit up my first studio class in 2006/7 (it was a Bikram class and destroyed me 😂). I’ve gone through waves of it being a daily practice and going weeks without it. I’ve mulled around doing teacher training for years but was held back by the amount of time it required (usually a 16 day intensive or every weekend for quite a few weeks). I remained open to it being something I still wanted and trusted an opportunity would present itself.

My brothers work for Your Yoga Flow (they also have a Patreon called Life of Movement that I highly recommend!) and needed someone to be a prenatal model for their 300 hour teacher training! They reached out to me asking if I was interested. I said yes. My whole body said yes. I didn’t actually know if I could get the time off work but I knew I had to make it happen.

This also gave me the opportunity to take 200 hour teacher training online (one benefit of covid is that Yoga Alliance started to accredit online trainings! Yay!). It’s self paced and allows me to do it on my own time (check out Your Yoga Flow if online YTT interests you!). It actually felt like the universe said ‘ok Anni, the timing is right, you’re ready, here ya go!’

I spent 3 days in Vancouver with some incredible Yogi’s who welcomed me into their family. Once my own nerves had passed (I had major nerves heading into this unknown situation) I felt like I belonged. Parts of it were challenging but so many parts of it were amazing. The connections and conversations. Learning from Yogi’s who are so knowledgeable. Conversations about Ayurveda, yoga, anatomy, and food! So much espresso consumed! A lot of laughter – so much so that my cheeks hurt! And yes, I had to wear a pregnancy belly which was the source of a lot of laughter!

I feel so much gratitude for the experience, new friendships, and for whatever the future may hold. The nerves going into this were major and I had a lot of doubt. It would have been easy to stay in my comfort zone and say no. To not follow an opportunity that lights me up. I’ve spent so much time connecting to and listening to my body that I was able to distinguish fear/ego from a wrong choice. Sometimes we assume nerves and fear mean we shouldn’t do the thing when in actuality it’s perfectly fine to feel those things and do it anyway!

Now I’m diving into YTT and absolutely loving everything I’m learning. No idea what the end goal is and simply enjoying the journey.

Follow what lights you up. You never know where it may lead you 💜🙏🏻

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