I did a thing!

It’s been a hot minute since I sat down to write. This year has been wild!

The pandemic truly affected each one of us in varying ways. For me, work became intensely different. Working at a pharmacy during a global pandemic is quite the experience. It took all of my energy.

During that time however, the opportunity to do Yoga Teacher Training presented itself. This may seem like the craziest time to add to my life but honestly it was the best decision I made.

It gave me something to do that wasn’t pandemic/work related. It shifted my focus from outside of myself to inside of myself – whether that was quite literally studying anatomy and all the physical parts of myself, taking my body through an Asana practice, or turning inward to reflect on how all the limbs of yoga can be used in my day to day life off the mat.

I stopped watching the news as much and mindlessly scrolling social media (I mean, not entirely. I’m still a human who loves social media and gets caught up in it!). I used my commute to study and learn. I took my lunch break outside in the park and did more study. I made myself step away from my work day in order to focus on myself and something that felt good. I learnt that adding something that was a passion for me actually made me feel less exhausted and drained. It filled my cup and not only gave me more energy for work but allowed me to not take on the negativity that happens in a customer service job (especially whilst navigating a pandemic 😬).

It also took me longer than I expected. I started mid July so I expected to be done by the end of august! This is a program people do in 17 days in a gorgeous and warm location somewhere, surely I can do it in just under 2 months, right?

Nope. Letting go of the expectations was another lesson I learnt. Once the realization hit that I wouldn’t be done in my self-imposed time line I just let it go. I did first get the reassurance from the company that yes, this time line was in fact self imposed and I could take whatever time I needed. It ended up taking me almost 3 months. But damn if I didn’t enjoy every minute.

It has been a truly bright spark in my life. I’ve done yoga for so many years and thought about teacher training many many times. Time and cost always got in the way. The pandemic changed how teacher training is done making it so much more accessible and affordable!

I never realized how much the entire practice of Yoga resonated with me on a soul level. Yes, the physical practice is one of my favourite ways to move my body. But, all the other limbs of yoga that include meditation, self study, self care/love, kindness to ourselves and others, and basically being the best version of yourself – that all speaks to how I’ve tried to live my life for many years. I had a basic knowledge of a lot of these Yoga practices but diving deep into them awoke something within me.

As I start to find my voice and style as a teacher I’m realizing my Dharma and how I can be of service. I’ve spent years exploring things that interest me, taking courses, learning, reflecting, and doing whatever I can to shed things that no longer served me that kept me from my authentic self.

I’m realizing how all these years of self study in mind, body, and soul are coming together to help me realize my authentic self.

This journey is never done. I’m always on the path to learning more about myself and others. Next up? 300hr teacher training, teaching a weekly yoga class, and being my awesome self 💜✌🏼

*check out Your Yoga Flow if Yoga Teacher Training interests you! They are the BEST!*

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