Primal Nutrition & Mindset Intensive

Primal Nutrition and Mindset 12 week Intensive $695

I know a lot of us can resonate with not feeling at home in our body.

If you want to:

•Feel at home in your body

•Learn how to eat to effortlessly nourish your body

•Lose weight

•Break the negative mindset around food, restriction, binging, and body image

•Create a morning routine/spirituality practice

•Learn how to move/exercise

•Work through thoughts, beliefs, and stories. Seeing how they hold us back in all areas of our life.

The 12 week Primal Nutrition and Mindset program is a journey that covers the mind, body, and soul.

We’ll dive into how to nourish our bodies with food. Eliminating things that can be damaging to our bodies and replacing them with real, whole, foods.

We’ll look at how you’re taking care of your physical body. Are you moving it daily? Is that movement adding to your health? We’ll look at easy ways to incorporate movement into your day.

We’re also going to look at your mindset and other self care practices that we should be incorporating daily. A lot of the time our beliefs and negative self talk can hold us back from hitting our goals! We’re going to challenge those beliefs and reframe those thoughts.

What these 12 weeks include:

•Weekly phone call (1 hour or 45 minutes)

•Weekly email with the topic for the week

•Texting/email communication as much as needed

•Creating a personalized morning routine

•Help establishing a way of eating that feels easy and nourishing to you

•Expertise of a Primal Health Coach

•Life Coaching for any area of your life you feel needs improvement

•Weight loss

•Effortless relationship with your body and food

After 12 weeks together you’ll know how to eat to feel and look your best. You’ll have a more loving relationship with yourself and feel good moving in whatever way you like! You’ll feel at home in your body.

A lot can shift in 12 weeks. I can’t wait to join you on this journey 💜

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